Legal Rap: From 80/20 Rule to Legal Drinking Age in the Bahamas

If you wanna stay fit, better stick to the 80/20 rule diet and exercise.
It’s all about balance, no need to stress and fuss.
But hey, if you’re in the Bahamas, do you know the legal drinking age?
It’s important to know, so you can turn the page.

Looking to build a house in Georgia? You’ll need a residential contractor license
Get the requirements, know the process, you’ll be fine.
And while you’re at it, if you’re studying law, check out this reading list for law students,
It’s got all the books you need, no need to hunt.

Thinking of moving out in Georgia? What’s the legal age for that?
Make sure you’re in the clear, don’t fall flat.
If you’re drafting a personal mission statement, peep these examples,
Get some legal guidance, avoid any tangles.

Got a web hosting business? You’ll need web hosting agreements.
Know the essential terms, no need for vague statements.
If you’re in need of legal assistance, check out this Tut,
Get the help you need, don’t get stuck in a rut.

And hey, is medical weed legal in Virginia?
Know the state laws, avoid all the hysteria.
If you’re into gas agreements, peep this CSC gas agreement,
Understand the legal aspects, avoid any bewilderment.

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