Legal Rap

Yo yo yo, listen up, I got some legal knowledge to drop,

From the 11th circuit court rules, to the top,

Is dhea legal? Let me break it down for you, show you the way,

Understanding the legal term for withholding information, it’s important every day,

Principles of agency law, we gotta know the key concepts and applications,

Like how to end a legal letter, with style and techniques, no hesitations,

Some legal literature books for students and professionals to read,

Are toe holds legal in ufc? It’s a question we must heed,

Can an owner borrow money from his company? Let’s find out and see,

Check out a car agreement contract sample, it’s useful and it’s free,

And last but not least, can the ATF change laws? It’s important for you and me,

So there you have it, legal knowledge in a rap,

Hope you learned something, now go on and take a nap.

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